During the World Cup, the eyes of fans from all countries were on the field. For decades, we have seen the genius of several black professionals who have become idols playing for the Brazilian National Team. But when we look at the coaching staff, there is a glaring absence of black professionals leading the team.

Vivo has been a sponsor of the Brazilian National Team since 2005 and, with the Black Teachers program, reinforces its commitment to constructing a more diverse future in and outside soccer.

Marina Daineze

Director of Image and Communication - Vivo 

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CBF has tackled racism and violence in soccer with initiatives that gained strength in 2022. In March, a series of commitments were published with the Manifesto in favor of life and Brazilian soccer. In August, the first Seminar on Combat Racism and Violence in Soccer was held. It was attended by personalities who work to end discrimination inside and outside the stadiums. Moreover, a permanent working group with representatives of entities such as FIFA, Conmebol, Federations, Clubs, civil entities, and representatives of the black movement was formed to deal with legal and operational aspects related to the topic.

If black talent shines so brightly on the field with its soccer art, why is there a lack of black professionals in leadership and power positions?

Based on this reflection, and with the impulse of Black Consciousness Month, Vivo announced the Black Coaches project, another initiative to encourage racial equality in the country.

In partnership with CBF, the action will summon six coaches from different regions of the country to obtain the preparation and licenses of the CBF Academy, prerequisites to rise in their careers, and compete for leadership positions within the sport.

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