NUTREN SENIOR, a supplementation brand focused on the 50+, achieved historic market share records, solidifying its leadership and driving the development of an otherwise low-penetration category. All of this was accomplished through a strategy that challenged the role of seniors in communication, defying the neglect from other brands. Employing an approach that demystifies stereotypes and brand actions dedicated to consumer service, the plan delivered unprecedented results in sell-in, sell-out, market share, but, most importantly, in establishing a strong connection and identification with our audience.

Nutren ENG CASE 2023 EFFIE 04 A 3 FINAL
To boost Nutren Senior in the supplements category, our distinctive approach aimed for an original and genuine perspective on positive aging. We emphasize in our communication the importance of physical and mental autonomy, debunking the notion that anti-aging solutions are limited to aging gracefully. Our purpose is to offer a journey of aging that is full and healthy, with consideration for both the individual and society.

Renata Dall Onder

Executive Business Director

Nutren Senior identied the opportunity to boost the 50+ supplements category and achieve leadership.

An innovative perspective on how, with proper nutrition, aging doesn't have to be synonymous with problems.

Nutren Senior invited people to CHOOSE AGING WELL, placing their product at the center of the aging conversation.

Nutren Senior has emerged as a frontrunner in the market, boasting an impressive 50.9% market share and generating US$70.8 million in revenue. With an additional US$11.6 million in incremental gains, our journey to absolute leadership is undeniable.

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