Edrington is a global, family-owned spirits company that was founded in the city of Glasgow in 1850. The privately-owned company has been in business for 160 years and is home to exceptional spirits brands such as Highland Park and The Macallan.

As digitalisation impacts businesses ever more profoundly, Edrington set out to organise its digital workflows more efficiently to become the world leader in ultra-premium spirits.

Building and maintaining an online presence across platforms requires brands to store and manage product photos, videos, copy, and other digital materials in an organised and easy-to-navigate manner. Being home to international brands and having more than 70% of its workforce operating outside of Scotland makes an online presence even more important for Edrington.


Edrington wanted to avoid the need for ERP-Systems and content received from brand teams to be individually translated to meet local market needs. Their workflow was, thus, very scattered and needed a lot of manual intervention. When looking for a partner, they approached VML to increase resource efficiency, achieve commercial benefits, and improve data quality.

The VML team devised a strategy that aimed at solving the needs described above by means of a PIM implementation.

As the internet matures, various platforms, each with its own requirements, have emerged to cater to customer needs. Meeting the requirements of each platform and ensuring a well-rounded customer experience can be overwhelming for brands that do not have the proper infrastructure in place.


Edrington's processes were automised, reducing the need for manual interventions. The PIM tool, Salsify, was implemented to create the best product experiences throughout every touchpoint in the digital customer journey. This resulted in a more complete and accurate way of publishing product information to their endpoints such as Amazon and Instacart.

To further support Edrington's digitalisation, demos and training were provided to users and admins. We ensured that teams were well informed about the tools that were implemented and confident about using them in the future by providing them with theoretical and practical training in Salsify, Amazon and Instacart, as well as advanced training in change management.


With the automation through ShelfMaster, Edrington's time to market has decreased from four weeks to just a few days. Next, a 10% increase in sales is projected for the first year. Additionally, Edrington's data quality was improved, and a single source of truth for product info, assets, and communications was provided.

As a result of the training, Edrington increased its ownership of channels and knowledge surrounding PIM implementations. Now, only 35% of new properties are managed by Edrington, compared to 80% before the training they received from the VML team.

Furthermore, the average PIM knowledge within the companies increased from 3.8/10 to 7.8/10 after the user trainings that Edrington provided to its employees.

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