Cacildis is the first Brazilian beer created to honor Mussum, one of Brazil's greatest samba singers. Did you notice what all samba circles have in common?

That’s right… Beer!

This is why, on its 10th anniversary, we did what no other beer could do: our cans became samba. Cacildis presents Samba Cans.

Particular cans were created and transformed into musical instruments: Reco-réquis, Tumtumzis, Rala-ralis, Chocalhis and Afoxézis. We also created an exclusive samba, composed in partnership with one of the most famous names in Brazilian music, Mumuzinho, available on all streaming platforms, making the birthday toast a true hit.

Cacilds 10 Anos Final
Good humor and samba, which have always been trademarks of Cacildis and Mussum himself, guide the actions to commemorate the beer's first decade.

Ariane Oliveira

Content Manager - Cacildis Brand

To celebrate ten years of a beer with a much smaller budget than the big competing brands while remaining true to its samba roots.

There is always a samba dance going on from the north to the south of the country. But while every samba has beer, no beer has become samba.

We transformed Cacildis beer cans into traditional samba instruments and recorded a song with one of the most relevant artists of the genre in Brazil.

Together, the campaign's actions increased interactions by 885%, reach by 578%, impressions by 783%, shares by 1,252%, and reactions by 1,402%.

Cacildis10anos latas

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