CNA Eyewitness is an open, collaborative channel that allows journalists and citizens to work together to fight fake news through the creation of real news stories.

The platform aims to bridge the gap between citizen contributors and news media, enabling greater collaboration, faster reporting of breaking news stories and curbing of fake news.

SG CNA Eyewitness
We are glad to collaborate with VML in developing CNA Eyewitness, which will transform the way we collect information by allowing our audiences the flexibility in reaching out to us using their preferred channel of communication. Not only will we be able to receive information across multiple platforms, effectively increasing the volume of citizen tip-offs, this real-time platform will also enhance our efficiency in developing new content, consolidating Mediacorp’s position as the go-to source for timely, trusted news.

WIlly Tan

Lead, Digital News & Lifestyle, Mediacorp

CNA prides itself on delivering the latest news and diverse content to help people 'understand Asia'. With limited resource sand traditional processes, it is impossible for CNA to provide accurate and timely news to get ahead of fast spreading fake news.

With CNA Eyewitness, limited journalists on ground can now leverage 6 million citizens for information through official channels and validate the data through intuitive tagging, AI machine learning and efficient story assignment 24/7.

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