Two of the most well-known brands in the world come together for a truly "marvelous" promotion.

Coca-Cola and Marvel joined forces to deliver a groundbreaking campaign that brings the Marvel Universe to life in an unprecedented way. This unique collaboration offers fans the chance to collect limited-edition Coca-Cola packs featuring 38 Marvel character designs, along with an immersive AR experience that extends the excitement beyond the physical product. The campaign was developed by WPP Open X, led by VML.

We took the traditional marketing paradigm and redefined it in the best way possible. The result is an unprecedented campaign that taps into the power of the Marvel Universe — which is heading into its 85th year of beloved characters — and tells stories in a way that can only be done when Coca-Cola and Disney come together.

Mindy Hamilton

Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Partnerships, The Walt Disney Company

In a saturated market where consumer engagement is becoming increasingly challenging, Coca-Cola sought to create a campaign that not only captivates but also deeply resonates with a diverse, global audience. The aim was to leverage the rich legacy of Coca-Cola and Disney brands to provide an innovative and immersive experience that transcends traditional marketing paradigms.

We sought to design an engaging collectible experience so vast and irresistible that it would compel Marvel fans to repeatedly purchase Coca-Cola cans to scan, unlock and experience it for themselves.

The real magic happens when two cans come together. Scanning specific can combinations unlocks AR sequences that include never-before-seen storylines, surprise reveals, and Easter eggs for fans. These surprise reveals also included digital collectibles and chances to win prizes – like an ultimate Marvel fan experience at one of the nation’s largest comic and pop culture conventions, or the chance to join Marvel superheroes and villains aboard a Disney cruise. Fans can download unlocked characters and save their collection to replay the experience while they keep hunting.

Bridging these two universes unlocked a dimension of storytelling through commerce never before seen in retail. We elevated "retail-tainment" with Marvel value that not only drives initial transactions but creates a repeat purchase cycle as characters roll out.

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