A second life for copper, a second skin for the world.

VML Colombia's healthcare innovation for its partner Movistar, 'Copper Skin' transforms unused copper wires into therapeutic garments for children afflicted by Butterfly Skin disease. By repurposing materials that once connected people digitally, they're forging a profound connection of hope and healing. This bold work underscores Movistar's commitment to sustainability and sets a new standard in corporate responsibility, marrying technology with humanitarian aid.

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At Movistar, our partnership with the Debra Foundation emphasizes the importance of collaboration between the technology sector and health organizations to address challenges people face and do it in a distinctive way. Aligned with our mission as a company, we will continue to support these initiatives that help improve people's lives.

Fabián Hernández

President and CEO, Movistar Colombia

Today, with thousands of kilometers of outdated copper cables being replaced with optic fiber, Telefónica Movistar faced a dual challenge of responsibly disposing of this material while enhancing its commitment to social good. Finding a purpose for this copper intersected with the dire needs of children suffering from the rare and painful Butterfly Skin disease.

The breakthrough came from a seemingly unrelated field: medical textile research. Scientists discovered copper's properties could significantly improve wound healing and reduce infection risks. This insight presented a unique opportunity for Movistar to use this resource to make a difference and was inspired by the idea that Telefónica's old infrastructure could bring new hope to vulnerable lives.

We harnessed the transformative power of copper once used in internet networks, weaving it into fabric threads to craft garments designed to nurture and shield the delicate skin of children afflicted by Epidermolysis Bullosa, commonly known as Butterfly Skin.

This approach leverages copper's antibacterial, angiogenic and fungicidal qualities to foster wound healing. Thus, it enhances the mobility of these children, granting them additional hours of effortless movement each day while they battle this rare, hereditary and currently incurable condition.

Since its launch, 'Copper Skin' has dramatically improved daily life for affected children. Mobility has increased by 70%, significantly reducing inflammation and new wound formation. Beyond physical health improvements, the project has enhanced Movistar's brand reputation, positioning it as a leader in innovative, sustainable solutions. It's a testament to how technological scraps can be repurposed into life-altering solutions, inspiring growth in societal impact and brand loyalty.

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