During the Christmas campaign, T-Mobile released a music video for a holiday song performed by popular TikTokers.


During Christmas, we reunite with family, but how to avoid intrusive questions or “golden” advices at the Christmas table?

Let's ask our loved ones how they feel and if they are happy. This way, the holiday season will be good for everyone. This year, T-Mobile reminds us that a conversation is the best gift for the holidays.

In celebration of this, as part of T-Mobile's digital Christmas campaign, VML Poland has prepared a unique Christmas song and music video dedicated to family relationships at the holiday table. The song is based on the timeless 'Jingle Bells,' but in a completely new version: blending trap, soul, and pop sounds, and the lyrics focus on uncomfortable questions that arise during the holidays. The song is performed by Bulsjarz, Roksasas, and Klaudia Sobótka, well-known - especially among younger audiences - from TikTok and Instagram.

Almost 1 million views in 3 weeks

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