Danette PizzAut Troppo Buona, is an impactful campaign,​ proving how a food brand can promote inclusion​ and diversity through its purpose: sparking goodness through ​ a moment of pleasure. Too Good, is not just a matter of taste​ but also of positive impact on society.​

In Danone, it is extremely important the give back to the society in which we operate. Supporting PizzAut means talking about inclusion and turning it into reality, offering to an ever-increasing number of people affected by ASD the proper right to be part of the work world and society.

Fabrizio Gavelli

President and CEO Danone Italy and Greece

Minor brands with smaller budgets unfortunately have visibility problems. On of these is PizzAut, the pizzeria, which despite its precious mission, guaranteeing work and dignity to autistic people, have to merge and compete with 127 thousands Italian pizzerias.

Jingles have always had great power: giving visibility and memorability to brands, becoming part of people's sayings and memories. Exactly like Danette Danone's jingle, "Too Good", which has entered the hearts of italians since th 1980s.

Danette donates its most precious asset, its historic jingle to PizzAut, to tell about the project and its values, guaranteeing the awareness and visibility it deserves.

80% Positive Sentiment, 7 Mil Reach, 9 Mil Impression

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