Having already designed, implemented, and managed the Czech Republic’s most successful customer loyalty program ever (+4M members), Wunderman Thompson needed to find a way to further optimize this service to maintain growth and create new and inspirational customer journeys.


By listening to the members of the Dr.Max loyalty program, and using our skills in data and marketing technology, we were able to identify 4 vital segments on which to focus our attention – Baby, Diabetic and Pre-diabetic customers, Beauty, and Vet.

Each segment was significantly large, exhibited healthy business potential, and was differentiated enough for us to precisely focus inspiring, unique, and truly personalized customer experiences.


To reach our chosen customers with more meaningful communication, we analyzed their behavior and grouped them into “subclubs”. That way, we could target extra care, health expertise, interactive experiences, tips, and advice in such a way that product offers simply became a complement to the value of being a Dr.Max loyalty member.

We created branded channels, so every segmented customer had an entire digital ecosystem that addressed their needs directly with relevant content on Facebook pages, newsletters, websites, webinars, magazines, customer competitions, all infused with vouchers and special deals for what customers valued the most.


Dr.Max SubClubs brought a significant increase in sales, but where it really excelled was in improving brand perception and understanding customers. Through intense personalization of content and sales offers, customers became their own community of brand advocates, spreading personalized community content and benefits.

Another extraordinary success of this case was discovering it can be replicated across ever-more diverse segments, inspiring customers on their journey to greater and healthier experiences with their favorite pharmacy, Dr.Max.

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