With nationwide media coverage across the four open TV channels, TVC (TN, TNT, ESPN, TYC Sports, a24), radio, digital platforms, and outdoor advertising in AMBA, Tucumán, Mendoza, Rosario, and Córdoba, "Envalentonate," the first campaign created for the Valente brand of Grupo Bimbo Argentina, successfully penetrated the public's mindset by reflecting the brand's popularity and reconstructing the 'Argentine' tone we had established for it.

Drawing on two insights about what characterizes Argentinians: we are daring/assertive, and food brings us together, serving as a reason/excuse to gather, we created "Envalentonate." Because when something delicious is involved, everything turns out better.

Those tiny yet significant individual struggles, which may seem unimportant to others but represent a before and after for each of us, that push, that courage we need – those are what Valente products provide, allowing us to 'gather our courage' and face our fears and challenges, achieving acceptance from those we care about the most.

El último que me queda Envalentonate english
I dared not share my quote, but I 'Envalentone.' Building a concept and tone for a brand that had never been communicated on a massive scale is spectacular and not very often, so we enjoyed this working process alongside such a valued client like Valente.

Sergio Paoletta

ECD - VML Argentina

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2023 Lápiz de Oro TV

2023 Lápiz de Oro TV