Eucerin Brand Campaign 2020


After an impressive pitch win in 2019, VML adds the new brand value Human to the existing Eucerin brand values Dermatological Expertise, Uncompromising and Honest to help bring its new brand purpose of “We believe in the life-changing power of dermatological skincare” to life.


We empathize with the deepest aspirations of our customers and want to give them the desired certainty that their life can be changed. But what exactly is THAT CHANGE they desire?

They want to finally become and be that person who they feel (and we know) they've been the whole time: The beautiful human behind the skin concern.


In a number of intimate interview portraits we get as real as we can with real people from all over the world about their real stories of how their life was changed to the positive after using Eucerin.

VML created a 360° campaign, shot in Berlin with an international cast of 6 real testimonials, each with different skin concerns and all with life-changing skincare experiences, the film turns to actual consumers for a non-scripted glimpse into the life-changing power of dermatological skincare.


Introduced diversity to the communication of Eucerin and updated the brand’s look & feel to deliver more authenticity and thereby gain more relevance.

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