Bringing together Ford's leadership in Adapted Vehicles and esports through Team Fordzilla, and the National Hospital for Paraplegics’ expertise in treating spinal cord injury patients, we created a driving simulator to help patients build the confidence to drive again. A simulator that combined the physical demands of adapted car controls with the immersive world of virtual gaming that has helped over 250 patients and became part of the hospital’s rehabilitation program.

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With this program, when patients leave the hospital they’ll be psychologically prepared to drive again

Jesus Alonso

President of Ford Iberia

We wanted to bridge the gap in rehabilitation for spinal cord injury patients, addressing the absence of dedicated programs for relearning to drive adapted vehicles.

The pivotal moment came when we realized the synergy between three components: the National Hospital for Paraplegics' need for specialized rehabilitation, Ford's expertise in adapted vehicles, and their engagement in esports.

By integrating Ford's gaming and Adapta knowledge into the hospital's therapy program, we created a dedicated driving simulator, transforming the rehabilitation process.

This initiative not only accelerated patient recovery but also showcased Ford's commitment to inclusivity and mobility, demonstrating immediate and sustained societal benefits.

We created a unique driving simulator for rehabilitating returning drivers, combining adapted car controls with virtual driving software.

This provided a safe environment for patients to learn new motor skills and build the confidence needed to drive an adapted car.

Integrated into the National Hospital for Paraplegics' treatment program, it supports patients with spinal cord injuries.

This initiative embodies Ford’s global promise of ‘helping people move freely and pursue their dreams,’ making mobility inclusive and accessible for all.

The Simulator, initially a pilot, is now a permanent part of the National Paraplejics Hospital’s treatment program, treating around 250 patients annually.

Of the 200 patients in the pilot, 21 obtained adapted car driver's licenses.

The program’s impact extends beyond the hospital with a Transit van mobile simulator, broadening its reach.

Ford is now considering handicapped players for their pro gaming team, Fordzilla, thanks to the simulator.

Despite not being designed for publicity, over 50 news outlets have reported on the simulator's existence.

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