It takes time to build consumer trust, especially for an expensive purchase like diamonds, where consumers gravitate to generational jewelers and leading national retail chains. In a gold obsessed nation like India, Forevermark faced the challenge of being somewhat new to the market and not being considered a family brand like competitors. How could they build trust?


Our insight was that since trust in diamond purchase was at best familial, it still left room for doubt and anxiety. Hence, in a category driven with emotions, we brought in rationality.


We conceptualized a credentials campaign that talked about the trust and quality of Forevermark through slice of life stories. We used special occasions from the life of consumers to talk about how less than 1% of diamonds in the world are worthy of Forevermark inscriptions; how the brand goes beyond cut, clarity and color to offer quality and beautiful diamonds; and how every diamond they offer has a unique inscription and ID. Our brand communication was hard hitting and rational versus the soft and emotional messaging of conventional diamond communication.

Our digital strategy included Google For Life Events, capturing those ‘micro-moments’ when phones are used for buying decisions where we targeted prospective customers during the wedding season. We utilized YouTube for creative themes around ‘the proposal’ and developed campaigns in SEO and display.

Our media strategy consisted of executions across TV and print in multiple languages. We also sponsored a leadership program at Cambridge University to help retailers grow their business and increase industry influence by teaching them about the value of consumer trust, transparency and ethics.


The campaign greatly increased brand perceptions of Forevermark around quality, trust, brand power and industry leadership. With our Google Life Events strategy, the brand experienced a 22% lift in consideration. Within one year, Forevermark achieved a significant shift from good to best quality and for its trustworthy and inspiring values. Thanks to the Cambridge Leadership Program – an industry first – Forevermark became the third most powerful brand.

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Forever Annniversary 30sec English 2
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