Komercni banka wanted an extraordinary awareness campaign - to be seen as an innovative bank that works with the very latest technology, while also illuminating the excellence of their brand through the prism of their dedication to culture.


We knew that Komercni banka was a proud patron of the PKF-Prague Philharmonia, one of the most popular Czech classical orchestras. So, we started thinking about how to creatively connect the world of classical music with the world of advanced technology.

We concluded that if we merged artificial intelligence with high culture by creating a unique classical music performance, a discussion for the ages could follow, and we would achieve unprecedented media attention for our client’s services and patronage of the arts.


We found a genuine, unfinished musical score written 115 years ago by world-famous Czech classical composer, Antonin Dvorak, deep in the archives of the Czech National Museum of Music.

We then invited Luxembourg artificial intelligence music artists, AIVA, to take the unfinished musical sketch and teach their magical AI music machine to complete the piece, as if Dvorak had written it himself.

We believed this approach would successfully provoke the kind of philosophical discussion around the relationship between music, technology, entertainment and humanity that couldn’t fail to spark widespread media interest – all the while placing our client firmly at the centre of the exposure.

After a month of machine learning at AIVA HQ, and a week of rehearsals, a 15-minute composition was born. We named it, From The Future World, in honor of the great composer and his 9th symphony, From the New World.


In the lead up to the premiere of From the Future World, we filled the streets with news about the project. Articles appeared in publications both dedicated to classical music and business - Forbes, e15, Novinky, Idnes, OperaPlus, Vice Magazine, Vogue, Harmonie and many others. National TV and radio took hold of the story with detailed reports by Ceske Televize 1, CT Art, CT24, and Cesky Rozhlas with a live radio broadcast of the concert.

Finally, the brand-new piece, From the Future World, premiered in the Dvorak Hall of the world-famous Prague Rudolfinum concert venue, performed by the PKF-Prague Philharmonia, and led by internationally renowned conductor, Emmanuel Villaume.

We surpassed what the client was expecting with an undeniable declaration that the Komercni banka brand is a true patron of the arts and a true leader in innovation, while also being brave enough, and human enough, to do something genuinely extraordinary.

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