What can a brand do for the Millennial and Gen Z kids to visit their elderly grandparents more often?

Granny Office EB
Vodafone want to prove that their internet can create better human connections.

How can we simultaneously make the fixed internet service more relevant for young people who mostly use mobile internet, and support the purpose of the brand to facilitate better human relationships?

Loneliness in old age is a major problem around the world, the younger generation visiting their grandparents less and less often. However, a good quality internet connection is an effective way to spend a working day working from their grandparents' home, while their presence strengthens the family bond.

We offered the most reliable internet package specifically for grandparents and also gave them some Granny Office merch, like embroidered wall protector grandkids can use as background in Zoom calls. Then we spread the news about all the advantages of working from their grandparents' which are better than a co-working space.

Vodafone perception improved a lot among the younger target groups.

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