KitKat has championed breaks for more than 65 years. So in 2023, as artificial intelligence becomes increasingly open to everyone, KitKat has recognized a perfect opportunity to take its own advice and let generative AI take the lead on its latest ‘Have a Break, Have a KitKat’ campaign. Our Wumderman Thompson Australia team fed an AI model prompts for AI-written scripts and used DALL-E 2 to generate imagery.

The reality is not every brand has something relevant or fun to say in that space. So we thought, let’s have a crack at it and poke a bit of fun at AI – while we can.

João Braga

CCO, Wunderman Thompson Australia

KitKat was searching for a fresh approach on how to keep the brand relevant and top-of-mind. The brand needed to speak to the growing Gen Z audience in more cut-through, unexpected ways and reinforce the key brand message around taking breaks.

With generative AI dominating the conversation right now, KitKat saw this as the perfect opportunity to tackle their business challenge. After 65 years of telling people to ‘Have a break’, it was the perfect excuse for the brand to hijack the conversation and promote their iconic slogan by demonstrating it themselves.

The idea behind ‘Have AI Break’ was simple - KitKat let AI do the marketing work so the brand and their agency partner could sit back and ‘have a break’. The technological advancement around AI and ChatGPT becoming open source was the perfect opportunity for KitKat to live their own brand message.

The campaign targeting Gen Z had a positive impact on the brand's reach, engagement, and perception. The films generated high levels of social media engagement across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Using AI-generated content allowed the brand to produce more relevant and unique films for little effort, reinforcing the key brand message around breaks.

Kitkat tree surgeon 1080p
Kitkat stressed 1080p
Kitkat gen z 1080p
Kitkat ai needs it 1080p

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