VML Spain has captured the world’s attention with the launch of the first-ever Heinz AI Cookbook.

An innovative new AI Cookbook bridges the gap between food and technology by creating recipes that can teach both humans and AI how to cook.

Heinz Ai Cookbook
It's not easy to simmer an AI prompt. For that reason, and with the purpose of inspiring people, we think it's time to share how good AI chefs cook their recipes using generative AI. We think it's a great idea to give open access to the magic of prompting to anyone who wants to create the best recipes and images with the Heinz standard using the latest and most advanced Gen AI models.

Oscar Peña

Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, VML Spain

While AI can create almost any image imaginable, when given the task of creating a food image it often offers up disappointing results – from monstrous tomatoes and grotesque portions, to sauce splattered all over the place. Even AI needs help with cooking.

AI can play piano or launch a rocket, but when it comes to creating an appealing image of something as simple as a plate of spaghetti, it fails terribly. We knew Heinz, as the tastiest tomato-leading brand, had an ownable angle to this conversation and an opportunity to prove it can help everyone improve their tomato recipes. Even AI.

Using over 150 years of expertise in all things tomato, Heinz tackled the problem through the launch of its first recipe book for Artificial Intelligence. Developed jointly by Heinz chefs and an AI designer and prompts expert, the AI CookBook features more than 30 recipes and the prompts AI must follow to master them. Each one is perfected with an ingredient capable of elevating any meal, even digital ones – Heinz tomatoes.

Following the success of the first Heinz culinary tomato products campaign, Heinz Tomato Open Sauce, the brand has embraced an open-source tech philosophy to inspire its fan base to enhance their culinary creativity. Heinz’s free online cookbook allows Heinz lovers to create perfect tomato-based recipes digitally and in real life.

  • Improved Heinz Masterbrand key brand attributes: “is a modern brand” (+4.2pp); “makes my food more exciting” (+6.4pp); “worth paying more” (+3.4pp)
  • 5000+ images generated using the cookbook’s prompts 
  • Reached leading lifestyle and tech magazines, putting Heinz in the center of cultural topics with millennial foodies

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