As the mission statement of the brand “one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time”, this work shows Starbucks' deep commitment to meaningful initiatives within their communities. Having your name written on a Starbucks cup without being asked any further questions is more than a company policy – it’s a statement of acceptance with everyone who walks into their stores. Unfortunately, this acceptance is not something that transgender people experience at many other stores in Brazil. So on International Transgender Day of Visibility, we were invited to create a campaign that, besides carrying these brand purposes to celebrate the date, also increases Starbucks' commitment to the community.

A legal guarantee that individuals will be recognized as they see themselves.


In Brazil, transgender people have a very hard time getting their names changed on their documents. This is a big problem when it’s time to find a job, see a doctor and go to college, among many other social and psychological issues they face.

At Starbucks, everyone can be whoever they want to be. The proof is that the name written on the cup is exactly the same as the one the person says it is. No questions asked, a brand truth that's well-known all over the world.

We transformed Starbucks into a notary office in order to legally change the names on documents of transgender individuals.

With a staggering 7x name exchanges, surpassing even São Paulo's annual average, the "I Am" project epitomizes the spirit of adaptability and evolution. Each iteration symbolizes a step forward, a testament to the project's unyielding dedication to perfection.

Media outlets worldwide clamor to capture the essence of this revolutionary endeavor. Yet, amidst the accolades and global acclaim, the accurate measure of success lies in the lives transformed. The "I Am" project transcends boundaries, blossoming into a cornerstone program for trans employees of Starbucks Brasil. What began as an idea has evolved into a beacon of hope, a sanctuary where dreams take flight and barriers crumble.

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