Imagine receiving a personal invite to embark on an adventure at sea, not from just anyone, but from pop icon Jennifer Lopez herself. VML and Virgin Voyages made this a virtual reality with "Jen AI" – a groundbreaking campaign that merges AI innovation with the glitz of celebrity, redefining the way we think about travel invitations. Dive into the case study that showcases how technology and star power can create waves in the travel industry.

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Creatively, we love that this makes you laugh and will keep you engaged from the beginning to the end of the film when you send the invites featuring Jen AI to all your friends.

Nathan Rosenberg

Chief Brand Officer, Virgin Voyages

In a saturated travel market, Virgin Voyages needed to stand out and create a buzz that would not only attract attention but also drive engagement and bookings. The challenge was to harness the novelty of AI in a way that felt personal, exciting and shareable, enticing a new generation of travelers to choose Virgin Voyages for their next high-seas adventure.

The inspiration came from the universal appeal of celebrities and the growing fascination with AI's capabilities. By combining the star power of Jennifer Lopez with cutting-edge generative AI technology, we aimed to create a campaign that felt both intimate and innovative, giving potential sailors a taste of the extraordinary experiences awaiting them with Virgin Voyages.

"Jen AI" was born from the idea of personalization at scale. Using generative voice and video technology, we enabled users to craft custom video invites from JLo herself. Users could instruct Jen AI to personally invite their guests and tailor the invitation message to the personal milestone they wanted to celebrate together. This not only leveraged the allure of a global superstar but also showcased the playful, boundary-pushing spirit of Virgin Voyages, making the call to adventure impossible to ignore.

The "Jen AI" campaign was a viral sensation, generating over two billion impressions and driving significant traffic to Virgin Voyages. VML's creative approach blended widespread interest in AI with the celebrity appeal of Jennifer Lopez, providing the target audience with a flavor of the extraordinary experiences they might expect aboard a Virgin Voyages cruise.

With 25,000+ personalized invites and a surge in new prospective sailors, the campaign achieved its goal of high engagement, increased site interaction, and delivered a notable uptick in opt-ins for future communications – proving the power of AI in the art of invitation.

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