While KitKat has built a strong brand amongst older Canadians based on consistent communication of their “have a break” platform, brand affinity has not passed onto younger Canadians. The skepticism of the 18 to 30-year-old audience for traditional advertising, paired with KitKat’s global reduction in media spend, has meant the brand lacks relevance to younger people.


We set out to make KitKat and the “have a break” platform relevant to this younger, more discerning audience. This generation is more diverse, accepting, and inclusive than those before them. They value being themselves and giving others the space to be themselves. However, we discovered that expressing this individuality was particularly challenging among Canada’s rising LGBTQI2S community, where hate crimes, discrimination, and mental health issues have also continued to rise. We wanted to use the “have a break” platform to celebrate the individuality of the LGBTQI2S community.


We joined forces with Toronto LGBTQI2S organization, Friends of Ruby, with a two-year partnership to put the initiative into action. The partnership launched with a video that celebrated the full spectrum of identity and love, with the revised tagline, “Have a break, celebrate who you are.” To raise awareness, we created two limited-edition KitKat flavours to be sold at the “Chocolatory”, with all proceeds donated to Friends of Ruby. We sent the Pride bars along with custom mailers to LGBTQI2S influencers. The influencer’s name replaced the iconic KitKat logo in celebration of their own, unique identity.


The campaign garnered 58.5M+ total earned impressions, 109 total hits and 100% positive sentiment. The first limited-edition KitKat raised $1,416 with 177 bars sold. And so far, Friends of Ruby has gained a 56.6% increase in reach. But most importantly, the LGBTQI2S community was being represented, seen, and celebrated so they could have a break to celebrate exactly who they are.

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