KitKat has been synonymous with breaks for 60+ years, but then the unthinkable happened…Aussies weren’t breaking as much. KitKat had begun to trail behind Cadbury’s and Mars, sitting at No.3 in the chocolate category.


Breaks had changed in 60+ years, and meant something different to audiences today compared to what they use to represent. So we reframed the role of KitKat – as a catalyst for a micro-break that can be the antidote to many of modern life’s frustrations.


After traveling to the medieval world for 2017’s ‘Katapult’ and a brief stop in the Western genre for ‘Maps’ in 2019, the campaign enters the world of wizardry and magic.

Inspired by a few of 2020’s most common frustrations, from remote meeting miscommunications to a lack of space sharing at home or losing it when you’re locked out, we reminded people that a break will always result in a positive shift on your perspective, for a few moments at least. And that’s as true for Wizards and Sorcerers as it is for everyone else.


Since launching in 2017, the platform has resulted in KITKAT Australia reclaiming its position as the leading chocolate bar according to Kantar’s brand health tracker; a position that it continues to maintain today.

KITKAT Breaking My Concentration
KITKAT Remote Meeting Magic

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