"Make It Visible" offered each construction worker across the UK direct access to counseling, help and support. This program has changed how the industry safeguards workers from the dangers of stress by introducing a new channel for immediate and direct support. The Higher Vis Vest with a 24/7 helpline was created as a utility to get help that’s available to workers, with 265 sites visited and 14,000 workers reached. As the biggest supplier of vehicles to the construction industry, Ford was uniquely positioned to use its nationwide footprint to lead this initiative.

These highly distinguishable vans will be visiting sites across the country to deliver visible support to the boots on the ground workforce. The vehicles are manned by the Lighthouse Club’s on-site team who are all mental health first-aiders with relatable experiences in the construction industry. I am convinced that this initiative will have a positive impact on workforce wellbeing and ultimately save lives.

Bill Hill

CEO, Lighthouse Club Construction Industry Charity

Construction is the UK’s deadliest industry, losing on average two workers every day, but not to the dangers of the job, but to suicide. While every measure is taken to prevent physical harm, there’s no equivalent to safeguarding the workers from the dangers of stress.

In a survey by the Chartered Institute of Building, 26% of construction professionals said they had considered taking their own life in the previous 12 months. Of 7,500 construction workers surveyed, 95% were unaware of a single initiative open to anyone suffering from stress and anxiety. The construction industry's "macho" culture acts as a barrier to sharing feelings and reaching out for help.

Our focus was how to reach this audience without creating a stigma around reaching out for help. Ford identified the Lighthouse Club, a charity dedicated to looking after the wellbeing of workers in the industry as a key partner who could help us reach this audience and provide real support when they most needed it. The vest created a physical utility as well as direct 24/7 access to confidential support.

Ford created the Higher Vis Vest, a new safety vest designed to increase the visibility of mental health and recognize the emotional vulnerabilities of workers. They partnered with the Lighthouse Club, a national charity dedicated to the mental wellbeing of workers, to introduce the vest and the "Make It Visible" program to sites across the UK.

  • "Make It Visible" is changing how the industry safeguards workers and is now a national wellbeing program adopted by 800+ trade organizations
  • Since launch, there have been 26+ active rescues recorded

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