Founded in 1972, Mark Anthony Group of Companies has grown into an international drinks company, with a collection of enduring and iconic brands including White Claw and Glendalough.


In December 2022, the group approached VML to help them develop the White Claw websites, from an information hub to a discovery channel, with functionality and relevant content to complement both brand-only and direct-to-consumer (D2C) journeys. We were asked to support the business with its ambition to deliver a D2C blueprint for success, which would be rolled out across its White Claw and Glendalough Distillery websites.

White Claw UK was already on the Shopify platform running a headless implementation. However, most of the customer experience was run on a custom framework, which led to a lack of autonomy to trade the site on a day-to-day basis and changes were becoming too time-consuming.


Key stakeholders from across VML provided expertise and consultancy on the overall proposition design and supported on activation strategy, with responsibility for the build and run delivery team on the Shopify platform. VML MAP was also engaged to create an ongoing CRM strategy as well as a loyalty strategy.

We provided support across 3 key areas:

1. Migration of the White Claw UK website, from headless to a full-stack Shopify platform. Over 9 weeks we:

  • Recreated all key pages on the Shopify platform.
  • Shortened the customer path to purchase through UX improvements.
  • Enabled changes to be delivered in real-time by the UK team.

2. Creation and delivery of a roadmap of customer-facing features supported by a governance process.

3. Proposition development and ongoing website trading support to drive ambitious growth targets.


Following the successful migration of the White Claw website, Mark Anthony Brands enlisted VML to support them in designing, building, and deploying a D2C site for their Irish spirits brand, Glendalough Distillery. The site functions as a transactional site for Ireland, as well as a non-transactional for a global audience. Working fully on the Shopify stack, we also implemented a consent management platform (OneTrust) and identified a roadmap of features that we are currently implementing.


  • White Claw sales are up +252% YTD.
  • Speed of execution – White Claw migration delivered in 9 weeks. Glendalough site built in 5 weeks.
  • Fully hosted by Shopify means a highly resilient service/infrastructure, with 99.99% uptime.
  • Quicker feature development leveraging OOTB apps and Shopify development tools.
  • Flexible and quick styling changes using a customisable Shopify theme, enabling low/no-code content creation for business users.
  • An end-to-end shopping experience within the Shopify stack, enabling a 360 view of the customer.
Working with VML has been nothing short of fantastic. Their expertise, dedication, and creative solutions have transformed our projects into remarkable successes. From strategy development to execution, their team’s professionalism and collaboration have consistently exceeded our expectations. It’s been a truly rewarding partnership which I look forward to continuing.

Ailbhe McNeela

Digital Strategy & Innovation Director, Mark Anthony Brands International

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