Seki Milk has teamed up with Geometry Ogilvy Japan to create an engaging solution that encourages kids to enjoy every last drop of their milk in a fun and exciting way. "Milk Manga" printed manga comic strips directly on milk bottles, unfolding stories as kids drink the entire bottle of milk.

Milk Manga Cannes Final

In various regions of Japan, 65% of elementary school children fail to attain the recommended nutritional balance due to their inability to consume their daily bottle of milk.

Interactive manga-themed bottle design for kids.

Leveraging kids' love for manga, a captivating 4-frame design was painted in white on the bottle, unveiling additional segments of the comic narrative as kids drank. Ten unique stories were beautifully printed, ensuring an abundance of exciting tales for children to savor with each sip.

In the Gifu Prefecture, 95% of the children finished their milk, enjoying 100% of the milk's nutrients. An earned media value of US $2 million was also gained, encouraging more schools to include Milk Manga in their children's daily lunch.

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London International Awards

London International Awards


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