What if we turned Halloween into a bizarrely delicious date? We did. The world's first unreality show is coming out.

Monster Chef Teaser Case Recap
Fanta has always positioned itself as a fun and light brand. One of the creative and strategic challenges this year is to connect drinks, the worlds of snacks, and Halloween. To achieve this, we created a fun unreality show on Twitch, Monster Chef, with the participation of influencers in unexpected dynamics and countless pieces of content that make any snack cooler and more fun, just like Fanta.

Keka Morelle

Former CCO - VML Brazil

Fanta has always positioned itself as a fun and lighthearted brand, and one of the creative and strategic challenges this year was connecting Fanta, a love of snacks and Halloween.

We created a fun 'Unreality TV Show' on Twitch called 'Monster Chef' because the joke is about entertainment with surreal and fun situations, not the competitive side – the narrative element that matters most in what we promoted.

Monster Chef featured one-on-one duels, and the participants, Twitch content creators, were challenged to create meals that involved snacks, Fanta, and following the Halloween theme to make snacks more fabulous and fun with Fanta.

Monster Chef invited six gamers and creators onto Twitch for the contest, which was broadcast to ten Latin American countries. The campaign featured 18 hours of content, seven million interactions, two million views in less than a week, and more than 130,000 comments exchanged in real-time chat—topping all previous Twitch engagement benchmarks.

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