Colgate believes in the power of individual smiles and is on a mission to celebrate them. In a world where uniformity often overshadows uniqueness, Colgate's inspiring campaign, "My Smile Is My Superpower," aims to redefine beauty standards and boost confidence, especially among Gen Z. Award-winning actress Uzo Aduba joins forces with Colgate to inspire everyone to embrace their unique smiles.

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When I was younger, I fixated on the gap in my teeth—so much so that it kept me from smiling and being authentically myself. I’m excited to be partnering with Colgate to share my smile story in the hopes of inspiring others to own their smiles just the way they are.

Uzo Aduba

Award-winning American actress

The media landscape has perpetuated an idealized version of the perfect smile, causing 65% of Gen Z to feel pressured about their smiles, negatively impacting their confidence. Colgate aimed to challenge these beauty norms and encourage people to embrace their unique smiles.

The inspiration behind the "My Smile Is My Superpower" campaign stems from Colgate's commitment to celebrating differences and promoting health equity. Award-winning actress Uzo Aduba, who proudly sports a gap in her smile, shares her personal journey of embracing her unique smile and heritage.

Colgate, in partnership with VML, launched the "My Smile Is My Superpower" campaign with an original music video titled “The Beauty of Gaps,” featuring a whistled take on the empowering anthem, “Roar.” The campaign celebrates a diverse range of smiles and highlights the beauty in individuality. Uzo Aduba's partnership with Colgate amplifies the message that uniformity does not equal beauty—individuality does.

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