Not so much a challenge, as an opportunity! Stork epitomises wholesome country goodness. What if we could demonstrate this by bringing a “taste of the country” to the hustle and bustle of the busy city grind – and do so in a unique, unforgettable way.


Talking billboards have been done – we know this. But what if we could merge a talking, responsive billboard with a real-time reveal, allowing people to order a wholesome treat from the country via a billboard, then experience the delivery … live!


Order from the Country

The world’s first interactive delivery billboard.

Shoppers at the busy Mall of Africa were asked to place an order from a popular country venue through a live, interactive billboard that called out and interacted with shoppers one-on-one.

Shoppers watched as the character they interacted with on the billboard, travelled to the country, collected their order, travelled back to the city – and delivered their order live (and in real time) from the motorbike they’d just watched on the billboard.

Ordered from the country. Delivered to the city. In just a minute.


Longer term growth is yet to be determined (this was quite a recent, once-off stunt) but immediate figures all

“The country is at the heart of everything we do. It's in our name. It's what people want. So we leveraged a unique media opportunity to bring the country to the city.

Tanya Bahlmann

Stork Marketing Executive

Stork Order From Country Hero Film

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Creative Circle

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Creative Circle

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