Welcome to the delicious world of OREO Menu, where every click on a three-bar menu ignites a craving for OREOs. With our innovative approach, we've transformed routine website visits into captivating media impressions and every digital menu into a virtual OREO wonderland. Indulge in the sweet success of seamlessly blending brand recognition with user experience.

We turned a regular online surfing experience into a fun treasure hunt for deals on cookies. This collaboration shows our commitment to continually pushing the boundaries of traditional shopper marketing strategies.

Jillian Durojaiye

Director of Shopper Marketing, Mondelez International

Despite OREO's impressive 99% brand awareness in the U.S., OREO Cookie sales at Kroger had experienced a decline, signaling the need for a fresh strategy to boost both online and in-store sales. E-commerce was a key growth space for the brand and retailer in 2024, so we understood that leveraging a digital platform was paramount to driving heightened engagement and sales.

Central to any successful e-commerce strategy is digital ad spend, representing millions annually for OREO. However, the competitive landscape of digital media demanded an innovative approach to captivate audiences and circumvent obstacles like ad blockers. Our task was clear: develop an out-of-the-box digital platform that seamlessly aligned with OREO's playful brand identity.

We needed to develop an out-of-the-box digital platform that complimented OREO's brand identity of staying playful.

Staying true to OREO's ethos of "Stay Playful," we embarked on a mission to train consumers to spot OREO Cookies hiding in plain sight.

Our target audience of Kroger cookie category shoppers (encompassing OREO Cookies and our competitors) are actively engaged online and with influencers (144ix). They thrive on being part of the conversation (142ix).

In a study of more than four million mobile website pages, Google found that the hamburger menu button was the second most common type of menu icon, behind only the home icon. Additionally, it was discovered that, on average, website users spend about 6.44 seconds looking at the main navigation menu on a site.

We saw in the navigation icon and/or website menu what no one had yet seen; An OREO Cookie stack. It was now our mission to get people to see it too, and give OREO offers along the way.

We transformed every three-bar drop-down menu into an OREO Menu, seamlessly integrating it into the digital landscape. Whenever users encountered this familiar icon, they could simply click or tap to unveil a selection of tab/category names, each serving as a doorway to exclusive OREO cookie offers at oreomenu.com.

Without necessitating any brand partnerships or alterations to website infrastructure, user experience, or interface design, we revolutionized menus across hundreds of millions of websites and apps, transforming mundane hamburger icons into delectable OREO Cookies.

The results speak volumes: By imprinting OREO in the minds of consumers every time they encountered a three-bar menu, we effectively transformed each menu into a virtual store, brimming with irresistible OREO offerings.

Within the first week alone, over one million promo codes were redeemed.

Our initiative yielded a remarkable 17% conversion rate, doubling the benchmark for the cookie category, and generated a 4% sales lift compared to the prior year, also doubling the category benchmark.

In a declining cookie category, OREO's share surged by 7.8% versus the prior year.

Moreover, our initiative didn't just boost sales — it turned every website visit into a multitude of media impressions: With approximately 1.09 billion websites and over 4.6 billion internet users globally in 2024, yielding roughly 14.4 billion website visits per day, the potential for OREO visibility was staggering.

As Google's study revealed, the three-bar menu emerged as the most prevalent navigation icon, capturing users' attention for an average of 6.44 seconds. How many OREOs have you spotted today?

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2024 Cannes Lions

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2024 Cannes Lions

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