With numerous different brands running their own operations in dozens of countries and regions around the globe, Bosch Power Tools found itself trying to fulfil two conflicting objectives – how to centralise and unify global systems for better governance and improved efficiency, while still maintaining the unique, tailored customer experiences that would ensure their online offer remained personal and relevant.

So, Bosch set up a Global Digital Unit to transform its approach to digital commerce, in both B2B and B2C markets, across all brands and regions, and to drive improvements in the customer experience.

A commerce replatform was also needed to support the new goals, and one approach stood out that would offer Bosch new possibilities in terms of levels of flexibility, customisation and speed to market. That approach was headless…


Following our initial programme with Bosch Power Tools working on implementations for its global suite of commerce sites, we embarked on designing and developing the user experience for the group’s new B2B programme. Using technology by Bloomreach and adopting a headless approach, we set about transforming Bosch’s customer experience.

As a source of inspiration, we drew on our many years’ platform experience, enabling the creative technology team to use their own existing kit, consisting of hundreds of pre-built UI components that can be fitted together and then customised to fit a given use case or experience. And this significantly reduced the implementation time for Bosch’s headless development.


Our headless approach ensured Bosch was able to break down the silos from country to country, aligning and consolidating infrastructure to improve efficiency and scalability while still allowing for customisation at a local level. It also offered customisation at scale, i.e. one platform, but providing open-ended flexibility across many sites and the ability to build and deploy apps that delivered the user experiences Bosch needed regionally, which proved to be a game-changer.

As Sunny Mallavarapu, Digital Transformation PM, confirmed: “Now we can align on all of the features we want globally; we don’t need to build 400 different blog platforms - if we want to enhance something, we can enhance it for the globe, not just one country, and at the same time a country can enhance something specific for themselves.”


Bosch now has a truly engaging brand website that is regionally personalised by country, language and brand, enabling it to build features on a global scale to accelerate the organization’s initiatives while delivering a highly personalized experience country to country. And this is set to have a transformational impact both on its global operations and on its ability to develop more engaging, personalised customer experiences around the world.

VML Commerce provided industry-leading expertise in replatforming strategy and technical implementation, taking up the headless baton and developing solutions that maximised efficiency, flexibility and the impact of the customer experience.”

Sunny Mallavarapu

Digital Transformation PM, Bosch Power Tools

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