“Portraits of Glory” aimed to bring pride back into the work of the unseen heroes who kept Castrol and our cities moving. Mechanics are the lifeblood of Castrol’s business, whereby their drive, loyalty and love directly influences the sales and success of the brand. To strengthen partner relationships and drive sales growth, Castrol needed to find a way to turn mechanics into ambassadors. So how can the brand keep our partners loyal and ambitious, all whilst elevating the role of its ZOOM loyalty app? Whilst the industry standard was to provide mechanics with meager gifts for their efforts, Castrol decided to use empathy as a marketing tool and honor mechanics as the heroes they are. As many mechanics were often dismissed by society, the brand decided to inject a sense of pride back into their everyday work and reward its high achievers with the honor of being immortalized through a once-in-a-lifetime activation of the city's iconic landmark the "Dubai Frame".

Portraits of Glory Case Film
Seeing my portrait on the biggest frame in the world, it's amazing! Especially because people rarely see what we do. People rarely see us.

Farid Ahmed


Mechanics are the unseen heroes that keep our cities, and the Castrol business running. With most end-users considering engine-oils as low involvement, the brand a mechanic chooses to champion & recommend undeniably impacts Castrol’s bottom line. With little to no opportunities to provide monetary incentives to partners, Castrol has always strived to innovate new and meaningful ways it can give back to the people who literally keep the brand and our cities moving in order to inspire them to achieve more.

Research revealed that most mechanics felt unfulfilled, unrecognized, and under appreciated. Their trade was just a job, with minimum opportunities to develop a sense of pride.

This lack of self-esteem & pride led to a diminished drive to champion Castrol to end-users and a lower willingness to deepen their relationship with the brand offline & on its app.

As monetary incentives were forbidden, we sought to incentivize top Castrol partners on ZOOM, with a reward that elevates the status beyond "mechanics", rather as heroes they are & “Castrol Ambassadors”. The first token of achievement they can proudly share & strive for.

“Portraits of Glory” sought to turn Employee of the Month programs from a meaningless accolade into a life changing experience which inspired mechanics to achieve more for the brand. Castrol’s initiative challenged the category's status quo of loyalty programs by providing loyal high-performance mechanics on Castrol’s ZOOM app with a once-in-a-lifetime experience they can proudly share with their peers, communities and loved ones back home. By partnering up with renowned photographer Marta Lamosvek and the Dubai Frame, Castrol elevated the status of mechanics and immortalized the heroes beneath the overalls to inspire others to achieve more for the brand.

By rewarding and recognizing mechanics through this once-in-a-lifetime experience, Castrol was able to reignite a sense of pride back into their everyday lives as their contributions would now be recognized by brands, their peers, and others in a very big and gratifying way.

Through the ambitious scale and commitment placed behind “Portraits of Glory”, Castrol was able to position itself as one of the best brands for independent workshops and mechanics to partner with. As a result, the brand roughly doubled its users on its ZOOM app and attracted 150+ new workshops to join its network of partners.

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