Imagine that you need to recruit employees in a hyper-competitive environment of the "Big Four", where you are the very last employer the candidates consider. Now imagine, moreover, that you are looking for Generation Z, who above all want a work-life balance which they will not find with you. Does this sound like hard-boiled fiction? No! This was the unpleasant reality that PwC faced. A reality that was causing a high cost per talent. And did we figure it out? We developed an effective recruitment campaign with an emphasis on reducing hiring costs that attracted 282 % more relevant candidates compared to last year.

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While the job of an auditor may look simple, it is in fact a high demanding job that has a significant financial and social impact for companies. It's not just about spreadsheets or data analysis.

Michal Stránský

Audit Leader, PwC Czech Republic

PwC needed to recruit Generation Z employees. But young people find working at a consulting company boring. Moreover, in the competitive recruitment environment of "the Big Four", PwC is in last place. They have to pay high prices for every relevant candidate. The aim of the campaign was to attract twice as many candidates, increase their relevance by ten percent and make recruitment significantly more financially efficient.

Young people today are primarily looking for jobs that allow them to maintain a healthy work life balance. However, through our research we have found that members of Generation Z are willing to sacrifice some of their free time for career growth if they can use their talents at work to excel and boost their confidence. Young people don't know much about what such an auditor does, but if Gen Z hears anything, it's the real effect of their work.

We have therefore built our strategy on the idea that the work of an auditor has high aspirations and may not be for everyone. In a simple typographic way, we said that yes, the auditor's job looks simple or boring, but be warned, its impact is huge. And so we turned a perceived disadvantage into an advantage.

The campaign increased the number of relevant candidates by 282 % compared to last year, surpassed the planned increase in relevance by almost three times and made the overall recruitment process more effective. Talent at a quarter of the price? It's already paying off.

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