Initiated by Kate Kenyon, Project Shoebox began when she found unused cosmetics in her bathroom—leftovers from purchased multi-packs and unwanted gifts—that fit neatly into three shoe boxes. At a local center, it became apparent that female residents' demand for such items was much more significant. Thus, the initiative gained momentum. It started in 2017 and was initiated by a group of VML employees from the Enterprise Solutions office in Poznań, Poland. This initiative exemplifies our commitment to inclusivity and underscores the importance of supporting one another.

This campaign quickly gained media attention and spread to other offices. It was also joined by other Enterprise Solutions offices in Hungary, Portugal, and the UK. Many different business partners joined the collection in Poland. Naturally, a website was needed to communicate with the audience.


The Project Shoebox Committee required a flexible and easily manageable website to effectively communicate with key audiences of the Project Shoebox campaign, including media, donors, volunteers, and others.


After discussions with the technology team at VML Enterprise Solutions, responsible for website design and development, Contentstack CMS was chosen as the leading content management platform. The web application was built on the most up-to-date Nuxt Framework (Nuxt 3). It leverages the power of Static Site Generation (SSG) and AWS Lambda functions under the hood. Also, we have utilized our One Trust platform to implement the cookie pop-up solution in line with our policies. Designs were created by the VML CX team in collaboration with Shoebox coordinators. The development process took 5 weeks and was completed by the VML Enterprise Solutions team in Poland as a part of CSR efforts.

Managing the Shoebox Project was a profoundly fulfilling experience. It was inspiring to work with a team that used their skills for technological advancement and social impact. Witnessing our collective efforts as a team translate into tangible support for thousands of women in Poland was deeply rewarding. This project proves the potential of our work to drive societal change. It reinforces my commitment to leveraging technology for good.

Alp Elbirliler

Project Manager, VML Enterprise Solutions


The new website went live as scheduled before the 2024 campaign started. It is now the central communication hub for all people involved in the project. In Poland, only in 2024, the collection tremendously impacted over 2000 women, supported by VML and other business partners nationwide.

Shoebox 2024 website screenshot
The website supports us in scaling our efforts to make a bigger impact. It increased the project's visibility and supported communication with donors and partners. In 2024, the number of partners rose by 60%, and the number of collected boxes increased by over 50%.

Magdalena Owsiana

Project Shoebox Committee

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