Nature films on streaming platforms help bridge the gap between brand engagement, environmental stewardship and entertainment. Nature Valley curated a collection filmed across various national parks, designed to captivate viewers and drive increased engagement. With a simple click, viewers immersed themselves in stunning content while simultaneously contributing royalties to nature conservation efforts.

Turning watch time into donations is a really extraordinary innovation. It's not every day that you get to create a new solution to help give back to nature.

Jamie Needham

ECommerce and Shopper Marketing Lead, Pureplay, General Mills

Nature Valley, known as the pioneer of on-the-go granola bars for outdoor enthusiasts, has solidified its position as a Proud Partner of the Outdoors through extensive support for organizations like the National Park Foundation, National Parks Conservation Association and the Wilderness Inquiry. However, this deep-rooted association with the outdoors presented a unique challenge in the realm of eCommerce. The brand's strong connection to nature, while a core part of its identity, often took a back seat when consumers were shopping online.

As the seasons transitioned from winter to early spring, Nature Valley faced a concerning trend of declining brand performance. This decline was pronounced, with core shoppers departing at an alarming rate, resulting in significant drops in buyers (-8.3%), trips (-28.1%) and units sold (-24.6%), surpassing category-wide declines. Addressing this decline was imperative not only for rejuvenating Nature Valley's business but also for identifying a new funding avenue to support nature conservation efforts during periods of low attendance.

Our Amazon Nature Valley shopper represents an eco-conscious, aspirational individual who cherishes outdoor experiences while also spending significant time in front of screens. Leveraging the paradoxical nature of this audience – passionate about nature but constrained by lower income – Nature Valley tapped into the booming trend of nature films on streaming platforms, particularly Amazon Prime, to bridge the gap between brand engagement, environmental stewardship and entertainment.

Building on the concept of streaming royalties, Nature Valley partnered with Amazon Prime to introduce "Royalties for Nature." This innovative program invited viewers to explore a dedicated Prime Video collection during Earth Month, where each hour of nature content watched translated into royalties for the National Park Foundation. By making the entire experience shoppable directly from Amazon Prime, Nature Valley seamlessly integrated brand engagement, entertainment and environmental impact, creating a win-win scenario for viewers and nature alike.

Royalties for Nature delivered remarkable results, including a 47% year-over-year sales growth, 500 million impressions, and a $200,000 donation to National Parks. This groundbreaking campaign achieved a combined ROAS of $15.87, making it one of Nature Valley's most impactful initiatives. It also pioneered shoppable experiences on Amazon Prime/Fire TV, leading to a 30% increase in viewership and more Nature Valley products purchased.

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