SAVE MY VOICE is the first speech training platform that lets hearing-impaired people see their voice so they can train themselves and be more confident when speaking with others.

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Our best work is that which impacts not only our clients but also our communities. With Save My Voice, we were able to partner with Thai Health to help those with hearing impairments to visualise their voice and practice their speech, allowing them to gain better voice control but also gain more confidence.

Anuwat (Bert) Nitipanont


For the hearing-impaired, their voice—how they pronounce and articulate words—deteriorate over time because they can no longer hear themselves speak, eventually leading to the deterioration of their sense of self and a lowered quality of life.

The changes in their voices apply to the volume (often talking to loudly or too quietly) and intonation (which affect the meaning of the words). When hearing-impaired people struggle with control over their speaking, they tend to lose confidence and speak less and less until they stop speaking entirely, their voices forever gone.

To make sure that the hearing-impaired never lose their voice by making their voice visible to them for the first time.

SAVE MY VOICE - the first speech training platform that let hearing-impaired people see their voice so they can train themselves and be more confident when speaking with others. With ‘SAVE MY VOICE’ the hearing-impaired benefit from user-friendly interface where they can train their speaking with just one button. When pressed, the hearing-impaired are given word exercise to practice on and record. Unlike other language training program, ‘Save My Voice’ works on voice data in different perspective. The AI technology analyses the input in 3 dimensions that make up the accuracy: the high-low tone, the starting syllable and vowel, and the length of the word. The data is then visualized into user-friendly feedback, telling the user which word is heard by the AI and giving scores and suggestions in areas to improve. More than 1,000 words make up the 100 exercises designed by language experts from Chulalongkorn University to give the hearing-impaired practice on the phases and sentences essential in daily life, thereby allowing them to save their voices from being lost.

• Over 4,500 visitors with total over 300,000 minutes time spent on the platform.

• Hearing-impaired people spent 11 minutes on average in each session.

• ‘SAVE MY VOICE’ is adopted as an online trainer not only for hearing impaired but also those who have speech-related problem.

• Hearing impaired people in Thailand now have an accessible tool to help them stay connected within society and improve their quality of life.

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