Monash University x VML Sip Safe
Launching Sip Safe with Monash University is an incredibly proud moment for us. It represents a milestone in the effective harm reduction and education of drink spiking. We hope the initiative goes on to make a difference throughout the broader community.

Jake Barrow

Executive Creative Director, Sydney & Melbourne

After observing that young people are accustomed to wearing wristbands at festivals and other events we found inspiration to create something to help stop drink spiking.

The ability to test your own drink provides the freedom to manage risk for the wearer.

The Sip Safe wristband detects if a drink has been spiked with drugs. The wearer simply puts a drop of their drink onto the wristband and in a short amount of time the wristband changes colour if it has been exposed to ketamine or GHB – two common drink spiking drugs.

To launch Sip Safe we established the product at events for pre-university students and on university campuses before taking it to the wider audience of clubs and festivals.

The objectives we set out to achieve were to instil young people with the ability to ensure their safety when socialising in various surroundings.

A key indicator of success was to see a change in awareness of drink safety by creating behavioural change at a key moment in life. This change in behaviour was crucial in the ultimate objective of preventing drink spiking before it happens.

The product has been prototyped, refined, launched, rolled out at scale and is available for commercial purchase.

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