Inspiring Indonesians to do right by the environment – and their skin.

For this innovative campaign centered around sustainability, unused and forgotten hand sanitizer dispensers were collected at building entrances, cleaned and refilled with Vaseline Sunscreen, and placed back at building exits – encouraging people to apply and reapply Vaseline Daily Sunscreen to protect their skin before going outside.

Vaseline Sunitizer Hb
The Sunitizer became the perfect sampling campaign, turning an old habit into a new one while changing the perception that sunscreen isn't just for sun protection at the beach, but a daily need.

Adam Thurland

Chief Strategy Officer, VML Jakarta

The habit of applying sunscreen on skin has not yet been adopted among Indonesians, let alone reapplying it every time they go out under the sun.

As a country located on the equator, Indonesia’s UV Index has reached 'High Risk' to 'Extreme' levels in recent years and Indonesians are more prone to skin cancer due to longer UV exposure. The simplest way to prevent this, as dermatologists suggest, is to apply and reapply sunscreen, such as Vaseline sunscreen lotion containing SPF, before going outside.

During Covid, Indonesians quickly got into the habit of sanitizing their hands before or after any activity. Sanitizer dispensers became ubiquitous at the entrance to all buildings, helping ingrain the habit. Now that COVID has passed, these sanitizer dispensers have been left mostly unused and forgotten.

The Vaseline "Sunitizer" is made from upcycled abandoned hand sanitizer dispensers. After collecting the unused dispensers, the Vaseline team cleaned and refilled them with Vaseline SPF sunscreen. With a simple rebranding, they were then reinstalled back at the original locations. However, instead of facing outward, they were placed facing inward to compel people to protect themselves before going outdoors.

Each Sunitizer featured a QR code linking it to the landing page of the Vaseline website, where people can learn more about sun protection protocol and how to prevent UV exposure, along with direct links to purchase the product for themselves online.

Vaseline "Sunitizer" successfully created word-of-mouth, helping break the stigma surrounding sunscreen usage in general.

When surveyed about using the "Sunitizer" at the respective building, public space or hotel entrance, more than 32% of people responded that they actively use it, and another 27% responded that they've used it at least once.

Additionally, more than 52% of people who used it at least once confirmed they'll continue using sunscreen.

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2024 Cannes Lions

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