T-Mobile revolutionized the telecom industry with an innovative approach that allows potential customers to experience the best in network coverage, speed, and reliability without any commitment.

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Switching is another insane artifact left over from a stupid, broken, arrogant industry ... and it's hard on purpose.

Mike Sievert

CEO of T-Mobile

In America, over 200 million people are reluctant to switch their wireless carriers, even though they often express dissatisfaction with their current network. Despite carriers investing millions in advertising, 77% of people say they want to experience a network before making the switch. The challenge was clear:

1. Debunk the myth that all carrier networks are the same.

2. Eliminate the fear of leaving the known for the unknown.

3. Reduce friction throughout the entire switching process.

In today's e-commerce environment, reducing friction and uncertainty is paramount. Customers are rarely asked to take a risk, and the telecom industry lagged in offering a seamless, risk-free way to test new networks. Inspired by the need to make switching easier and less intimidating, we looked to other industries for solutions, ultimately creating a groundbreaking approach that echoes the simplicity of test-driving a new car.

Introducing Network Pass, an industry first that allows prospective customers to test drive T-Mobile’s network using the eSIM card already in their phones. For 90 days, users can compare T-Mobile’s network with their current carrier for free, experiencing unlimited data on T-Mobile’s industry-leading 4G and 5G networks without switching providers. This innovative approach leverages eSIM technology to provide a hassle-free, no-risk trial, transforming the way Americans consider switching their wireless carriers.

Network Pass signups exceeded launch expectations by 270% within the first three months, with 130,461 actual signups compared to the target of 48,319.

By offering a risk-free, commitment-free trial, T-Mobile successfully showcased its network’s superiority and gained significant market traction. The initiative led to a substantial increase in app downloads and customer trials, ultimately driving higher conversion rates and positively impacting T-Mobile's stock performance.

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