Celebrating the 116th anniversary of the birth of the club Real Betis with the launch of Test Bético.

Test Bético is the first pregnancy test that shows results in green and white, so that the first colours representing the birth of a new Real Betis fan into the world are also the Real Betis club's emblematic colours. The campaign combines creativity and technology so all its fans expecting the arrival of a new member of the family can do so with the positive result showing in the club's colours.

In this campaign for Betis we wanted to merge passion for football with one of the most special moments in every person's life – the birth of a child. Test Bético not only announces a new arrival, but also celebrates the pride and belonging that accompanies Betis fans from birth.

Paulo Areas

Chief Creative Officer, VML Spain

Test Bético Case

"From parents to children, from grandparents to grandchildren. A passion called Betis" reads the stands of the Benito Villamarín stadium. On the occasion of the 116th anniversary of the club's founding, we used the iconic phrase to its maximum expression to connect with fans across the country through an important life moment.

In Seville, where for many the pulse of the city beats in green and white, football is not merely a game – it’s a familial bond, an inherited passion. Passion for Real Betis is something that's carried in the heart from birth. So when a fan of the club awaits the arrival of its newest Betis fan into the world, the pregnancy test reveals the results in green and white – the club's iconic colours.

On the occasion of the 116th anniversary of the birth of the club, we created the Bético Test, an inventive twist on celebrating new life and a growing family in Betis's colors. Through the Bético Test website created for the anniversary, fans who are expecting the arrival of a new member of the family will be able to exchange their positive result for a Test Bético in the club's colours.

The campaign launch coincided with an emblematic date, 12th September, the day of the club's birth, to pay tribute to the Green and White and what has united their fans from father to son since the birth of the club, so that the arrival of new Betis fans can be celebrated in the colours that represent their life's passion.

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