Redefining category perceptions with a bold campaign on enduring reliability

VML challenges the notion of planned obsolescence with "The Beko Inheritance" campaign, humorously positioning Beko appliances as heirlooms. A quirky film unfolds like a classic inheritance drama, where a Beko refrigerator unexpectedly becomes the coveted family treasure. This humorous approach sparks conversations about Beko's durability and introduces the "Beko Inheritance Addendum," allowing owners to designate appliances in their wills. Beyond entertainment, the campaign underscores Beko's commitment to quality and resonates globally as a testament to enduring value.

The Beko Inheritance Main Case Study
It's inspiring to see a brand get behind their products like Beko does. And to combine that with the bravery of bold storytelling and story doing. You feel the quality in every detail of this exciting collaboration between client, agency and production partners.

Bas Korsten

Global Chief Creative Officer, Innovation & Co-Chief Creative Officer, VML EMEA

Beko faced a critical challenge: despite investing heavily in quality and durability, consumer perception did not reflect these attributes. We set out to redefine this perception with a bold campaign. Our mission was clear: disrupt the market and transform Beko into the epitome of enduring reliability.

The pivotal moment for the campaign occurred when we realised Beko products could last so long that they could outlive the original user and, in turn, could become true family heirlooms. Inspired by the sentiment of passing down treasured possessions through generations, we saw an opportunity to connect deeply with consumers.

We created a first-of-a kind initiative that allowed Beko customers to pass on their appliances to their loved ones by turning them into an official inheritance. By consulting legal experts, we drafted the "Beko Inheritance Addendum" and launched it in three markets across Europe and the Middle East.

Drawing from the resurgence of the murder mystery genre in popular culture in films like Knives Out and Murder on the Orient Express, we crafted a film that celebrated Beko appliances as modern-day heirlooms. An extensive influencer campaign led consumers to the website where they could personalize and download their own Beko Addendum. Consumers could also find the Beko Addendum next to the user manuals in select retail locations across the three markets.

By hijacking one of the most long-standing institutions of all time, we showed how Beko appliances are here to stay. Maybe even longer than their owners!

Our campaign managed to transcend the advertising space and achieved impressive results in just two weeks after being launched.

The campaign landing page hosting the Inheritance Addendum was accessed more than 1.5 million times. The launch film became the most viewed ad in Beko’s history, with a total of 259 million views on all assets across social channels. You can watch the film on YouTube.

And our influencer campaign generated 132 pieces of content and 80 million views in three different markets, generating 88% positive sentiment.

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2024 Cannes Lions

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