Taking a path less blazed and creating a full-length independent documentary – narrated by Laura Dern – to serve the world and inspire people to 'Change It'

Monash University x VML The Endangered Generation Trailer 1
Our relationship with VML is built on knowledge, trust and a mutual respect. It’s a true partnership that has paid off in spades.

Fabian Marrone

Chief Marketing Officer, Monash University

Monash was ready to continue into the next phase of their ‘Change It’ platform, looking to highlights some of the globes largest issues to date. Some of us face obesity, while others are starving. There’s climate change, slavery, superbugs, unjust laws and ongoing wars, among countless others.

Monash University plays host to some of the world’s most regarded academics and researchers. Through a collective body of research, it was determined that there are 4 unique classifications that put a species on the endangered species list and humans now tick all 4. We asked Monash University staff to unpack these 4 classifications to both inform and inspire around their research and provide potential solutions to declassify human’s as an endangered species.

Fronted by babies who were born on the 1st of January 2020, we launched ‘The Endangered Generation’, a campaign, and a full-lengty documentary – The Endangered Generation – narrated by Laura Dern, which debuted at the Melbourne International Film Festival and narrated by Laura Dern – exploring what Monash and the wider community are doing to ensure the next generation can thrive.

Film festival showcase at Melbourne International Film Festival, and 5+ film festivals globally

In-cinema launch took place in June 2023

48,000+ leads generated to date

Now available to stream in Australia on Binge

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