Prime Horror Gym was the first gym designed for training while watching horror movies.

Based on a scientific study claiming that watching movies of this genre burns calories - as they accelerate heart rate and increase adrenaline levels - we turned this data into a unique experience for a consumer audience of series and movies, primarily horror.

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We created the 'Prime Horror Gym' to promote horror movies, as many people are unaware that it is a vital platform segment with great titles for genre enthusiasts. It was unique, an online and offline activation that worked very well.

Fernando Tchechenistky

CCO - VML Argentina

The brand faced two significant challenges:

- The ability to grow in a market dominated by an undisputed leader in a category where new competitors are constantly entering.

- Attract the iconic generation to the world of streaming platforms, which simultaneously posed another challenge: surprising them enough to start leaving behind the unappealing image that did not align with their expectations.

There is a craving for the horror genre that has been growing since the pandemic: 20% of the most demanded series and movies in 2022 had horror as their central narrative. Between 2021 and 2022, the share of horror movies in the top 100 most-demanded films of the year increased by 36%, the highest in four years.

Furthermore, watching horror movies burns calories: Researchers from the University of Westminster (UK) measured the total energy expenditure of 10 people while watching a selection of horror movies and found that they burned calories during these films.

We created a particular gym to burn calories while watching horror movies. We set up two floors in a building located on one of the main avenues of Buenos Aires, with horror trainers and training booths featuring routines based on Prime Video horror titles (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

Actively engaging in entertainment habits increased local popularity: Trending Topic on Twitter. 4 times more brand affinity and 11 times more positive conversations were observed.

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2023 Effie LATAM

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