The world faced a major problem – how can people enjoy every last morsel of their favorite chips without making a mess of themselves?

Problem sovled. Introducing 'The Flavor Saver' for Hoeksche Chips from our Wunderman Thompson Atlanta and Amsterdam teams – a packaging innovation and chip-funneling technology chip lovers have long been waiting for. With a simple twist, the bottom left of Hoeksche's new Salt & Balsamic Vinegar chip packet can be removed and the last morsels can be directed directly to hand or mouth.

Flavor Saver Case Film Cannes Lions 2023
It's only logical that we've put all our brainpower into making sure none of the unique and authentic taste of Hoeksche Chips gets lost at the end of the packet. This is a great day for chip eaters everywhere.

Bas Korsten

Global Chief Creative Officer, VML

A premium chips brand from the South Holland town of Gravendeel, Hoeksche Chips in partnership with Wunderman Thompson needed to solve a problem that has haunted chip lovers worldwide for decades.

Humanity has long been plagued by the problem of crumbs at the bottom of chip packets, impossible to get at without losing your dignity, or worse, making a mess of your clothes or the couch. Considered among the best chips in the Netherlands, it’s no wonder consumers want to savor every last mouthful of Hoeksche Chips.

With a simple twist, the bottom left of Hoeksche Chips' new Salt & Balsamic Vinegar chip packet can be removed, and the last, tastiest morsels can be funneled directly into your hand or mouth. This unique Flavor Saver technology ensures the delicious taste of Hoeksche Chips is not wasted and chip lovers can enjoy every last crumb.

The campaign is creating a lot of buzz in industry publications, including achieving a Trend Hunter score of 8.8 for "Popularity, Activity & Freshness."


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