Amidst the challenges faced by mastectomy patients, Ford, a global leader in automotive safety and sustainability, recognized a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact. One in eight women will encounter breast cancer in their lifetime, with over 100,000 undergoing mastectomies annually. Post-surgery, many struggle with wearing seat belts properly, a crucial safety concern that Ford endeavored to address through innovation and compassion.

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The aftermath of mastectomy surgery presents a myriad of physical and emotional challenges for patients. Among these challenges is the discomfort and difficulty in wearing traditional seat belts, leading to compromised safety while driving. This issue, often overlooked in mainstream automotive design, demanded a specialized solution that prioritized both safety and comfort for mastectomy patients.

Ford's commitment to creating a safer and more inclusive world served as the primary inspiration behind The Support Belt initiative. With a long-standing history of supporting Breast Cancer research and their esteemed Warriors in Pink program, Ford's ethos aligns with the mission to alleviate obstacles faced by mastectomy patients, fostering a community of support and empowerment.

Ford will become the first automaker to engineer a seat belt accessory custom-made for breast cancer patients who’ve had mastectomies. Developed with the input of patients, doctors, engineers, and designers, the Support Belt is ergonomically engineered to be safe, comfortable, and durable and made using sustainable Ford materials that are non-carcinogenic. The Support Belt ensures both safety compliance and post-operative comfort, addressing key pain points such as wound sensitivity, swelling, and discomfort associated with conventional seat belts.

The Support Belt will be distributed through a partnership between our 3,200 Ford dealers across the country and hospital networks nationwide. Our hope is that no mastectomy patient leaves the hospital without one.

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