A short film that emphasizes the necessity of a safe digital environment for minors.

According to the Executive Secretariat of the National System for Comprehensive Protection of Girls, Boys and Adolescents, over 75% of the online video game profiles that interact with minors belong to strangers. This poses predatory risks like grooming, human trafficking, forced labor and kidnapping.

At Movistar, we recognize the power of technology to generate more human connections. Through ‘This Is Not a Game,' we're raising awareness about the risks of video games and inviting players and caregivers of minors to take control and get involved to detect and prevent risks associated with online gaming interactions. People give meaning to technology, and with proper information, we can use it responsibly.

Fernanda Pérez

Head of Brand & Integrated Marketing Communications, Movistar

In Mexico, thousands of children are being recruited through mobile video games to join organized crime. Given that over 80% of players prefer this medium, they are more exposed and become easy prey for drug cartels, known as narcos, who contact them through popular games. Movistar Telecom is a brand socially committed to the digital environment and concerned with providing gamers with a safe space. 40% of Movistar Telecom's business is in gaming, and it's their responsibility to address a problem that affects one of their primary audiences.

Real news about organized crime recruiting minors through video games inspired this necessary campaign.

The brand created a video game film that tells the story of a young gamer recruited by drug traffickers, or narcos, through a mobile gaming platform, deceived by the promise of obtaining "diamonds" – a well-known item in gaming – and a new smartphone.

This entertainment piece was inspired by the narrative, action scenes and character handling of one of the world's most famous games, Grand Theft Auto, to grab users' attention. It was influenced by social media trends where people imitate non-player character (NPC) movements and real news about narco recruitment in gaming. All these factors were designed to stand out amidst the huge amount of entertainment content available online.

During the first two weeks after the campaign launched, it received 23 million views, 34 million reach and 2 million hours of social media usage. "This Is Not a Game" was the brand's best-performing piece on our TikTok channel and brand sentiment increased 87% – numbers difficult to achieve in a category consumers affiliate with retail.

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