In a world where all sports events are cancelled and everyone is stuck at home, we still need the excitement of live sport.


What if there was a way to uncancel a sports event and invite football fans to experience the excitement of leagues in the comfort of their homes?


Wunderman Thompson Turkey created a branded entertainment project that broadcasts a sports tournament in PlayStation where footballers and celebrities join from their homes. Just like a real match cup, the Uncancelled Cup has live broadcasts, game commentaries, discussions on the positions of the game and a debate program after the game. While the game is played in real time, commentators share their opinions without any time lag.


Live audiences have so far been twice the size of a normal Turkish Super League game held in a stadium. The adidas Instagram channel has seen a 6% increase in followers, and 23% of new visitors to have come from The Uncancelled Cup, generating a 35% revenue increase. Site traffic has increased by 65%, with a 12% CPC decrease.

Adidas shopping app downloads have doubled since the beginning of the campaign, and Adidas brand search volume reached over 800,000 – a 22% increase that’s normally their performance on Black Friday! Conversion rates have increased from 0.8% to 1.3%, a rate higher than their seasonal discount period.

The impact on gamers has also been impressive. Gamer splits in total adidas sessions reached 16% and April-May gamer revenue share is 19% of total revenue. This has resulted in a doubling of revenue and tripling of the gamer conversion rate.

Adidas 14 mayis

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