Univar Solutions is a leading chemical and ingredients distribution organisation. They were seeking a partner to help re-platform their site as well as consolidate and align their digital properties into one centralised experience.

Univar teamed up with VML to deliver on their digital transformation goals. Here’s how…

We were tasked with replatforming Univar’s site to Adobe Commerce. Univar was running two separate legacy site instances with only a fraction of their revenue flowing through their digital channel.

We depreciated their two legacy sites and consolidated everything onto Adobe Commerce for ease of use. Through re-imagining their flagship site and creating a cohesive framework, a more seamless experience evolved that put Univar in the position to begin an international site rollout.

Since Univar’s B2B website is restricted to authorised users, customers who are interested in one-off purchases are unable to buy directly. Univar recognised the opportunity to tap into different markets which drove the enablement of their first D2C site, Chem Central.

We created a viable and fast-growing revenue stream, leveraging the framework already set in place, and launching in only two months. This D2C commerce experience allows customers to purchase directly from Univar without needing to create an account or interact with sales and customer service representatives.

We're continuing to work with Univar to progress international rollouts for Shop Univar Solutions and Chem Central.

  • In just 10 months, Univar was able to pivot and triple their digital revenue.
  • 101% increase in customers purchasing online.
  • 106% increase in online orders YoY.

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