A new tool that identifies and deletes expired promotional emails.

Vanishing Emails is a new tool powered by Amazon Web Services, created by VML in partnership with Slalom that deletes outdated promotional emails to reduce the carbon footprint of our inboxes.


To address the environmental impact of increased CO2 emissions caused by email storage.

Storing large amounts of email data, such as temporary promotional emails, increases the carbon footprint. The advertising industry accounts for about 30% of this problem, underscoring the need for a mindset shift towards a more environmentally conscious digital approach.

An innovative solution to automate the deletion of expired promotional emails, significantly minimizing stored email data and associated energy use. "Vanishing Emails" automates the deletion of expired promotional emails through advanced algorithms and machine learning. Using AWS, it efficiently processes deleted emails while ensuring data privacy and security, identifying unnecessary emails based on sender information, subject lines, and content patterns. Users engage by linking the tool to their email accounts, customizing deletion settings, and tracking their real-time environmental contributions.


"Vanishing Emails" addresses the growing global concern of humanity's collective digital carbon footprint. Created by VML, built by Slalom and powered by Amazon Web Services, "Vanishing Emails" will help to set a new standard for sustainable digital communications.

How it Works

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2024 Cannes Lions

2024 Cannes Lions

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