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With this unprecedented campaign, we seek to democratize beauty and access to health through quality information for the group and society. More than just a month of awareness, we want to strengthen the trans community's sense of belonging and show, in practice, the importance of welcoming diversity.

Viviane Pepe

Communications Director - Avon Brasil

Across the world, the health of transgender people is essentially invisible. In Brazil, it’s even worse because excluding trans health is a government platform without guidelines for trans people that was put under the Ministry of Family, whose minister said during the inauguration: “It’s a new era in Brazil, boys wear blue and girls wear pink."

For 13 years in a row, Brazil is where more trans people die than anywhere else in the world.

In fact:

  • 89% of trans people can't afford healthcare
  • 62% use hormones on their own
  • 47% have depression

Pink October always talked to cisgender women about breast cancer. Blue November (Movember) communicated with cis men about prostate cancer prevention. Trans people have been cut out of these health conversations.

These health awareness months are essential to mobilize brands and society for people's well-being. So AVON saw an opportunity to open an unprecedented space between Pink and Blue to answer healthcare questions of the transgender community, provide medical assistance, and push for societal change.

AVON created Violet Month, a whole new awareness month between the 15th of Pink October and the 15th of Blue November to discuss trans health. We started the conversation with a film starring some of the most prominent transgender influencers in Brazil.

For 30 days, AVON’s social networks became a hub of reliable trans health content, where people could ask all their questions to specialist doctors.

In partnership with Avus, a giant telemedicine platform, AVON was able to provide thousands of free medical appointments to the community. People who never had access to healthcare had it for the first time because of Violet Month.

"I’m transgender, and I’ve never felt so welcomed like now," said a transgender woman on Twitter.

People who never had access to healthcare were given free medical appointments. Defying the national government, local governments promoted trans health for the first time in Brazil's history. Like other high-visibility health months, Violet Month is now part of AVON's official calendar, and brands are joining the conversation.

“I’m 30 years old and never saw a campaign like this one that embraces my health. It gives me hope," said a trans man on Instagram.

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