Every day close on a million South Africans navigate SA roads using the WAZE app. Sadly, the quickest route to a destination is not always the safest...


Vodacom decided to use the advertising space that WAZE offers to post anti-hijack ads that would be of value to drivers. We came up with an idea that uses data, technology and the power of Vodacom’s telco network to help keep drivers safer.

This work was all about a practical useful functionality we could associate the brand with - a way to use ad space differently. The Vodacom Anti-Hijack ads pop up when a driver is stationary – for example at a traffic light or in heavy traffic – alerting them that they’re heading towards a hijack danger zone and offering a safer alternative route. The driver can then make an informed decision about which route they select. In creating the ads, the team took their lead from the environment they would be operating in and the purpose they were to fulfil, rather than focusing on corporate CI. “The look-and-feel was inspired by the visual language of road alert signage and was designed to grab the attention of a driver,"explains Executive Creative Director Adam Whitehouse, ""the creative is simple and clear and enables quick decision-making."

As Vodacom’s lead agency we are always looking for opportunities for Vodacom to contribute meaningfully in people's daily lives - this idea was all about leveraging the powerful combination of technology and data to offer practical information that would be of value

Adam Whitehouse

ExecutiveCreative Director at VML


  • Tracking usage on the backend shows that thousands of drivers opted to take alternative routes suggested by our ads within the first couple of months.
  • Engagement with ads on the Waze Navigation app doubled.

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